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Sensitive Teeth Got Ya Down?

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  For a lot of us, biting into an ice cream sandwich or taking a swig of some steamy, delicious cocoa brings about a tiny bit of nervous apprehension. Is it going to hurt? For those of us that have sensitive teeth, the delights of hot and cold foods sometimes cause our mouths to hurt. It’s an unfortunate burden, and …

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The Power of Good Oral Health

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Your dental health is something that you should always keep a keen eye on. More often than we should, we think of going to the dentist as something that is more about whitening and straightening teeth than actual healthcare. While going to a dentist is going to help keep or restore a beaming white smile and can straighten teeth, it’s …

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Crowns aren’t just for the heads of monarchs; they’re also a form of dental restoration that is often bonded to a tooth to prevent ongoing decay. For many people, they aren’t fully aware of the benefits of a crown versus a veneer or if it’s the best option for them in regards to combating the dental trouble that they might …

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Detergent Foods Maintain a Healthy Smile

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There are foods that aren’t only just healthy for you in terms of the nutrients that they provide for mental acuity, muscle development, and energy—they are good for your teeth too! It’s not just old wive’s tales that certain foods can actually help improve your smile and preserve your enamel. These foods are detergents. Not the stuff you put in …

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Cavities, the Enemy of Oral Health

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Brushing your teeth is something that you do every day. It’s something that, hopefully, you don’t think twice about. But, the importance of brushing your teeth cannot be overstated—it’s one of our most important tactics in the war against cavities and tooth decay. Cavities are the enemy, they are painful, they are annoying, they cause greater problems if left unchecked, …

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Oral Cancer Prevention, Detection, and Treatment

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Cancer is something that we all are aware of in some capacity. We know the dangers that it poses, at least to some degree. We’ve seen ribbons and wristbands raising awareness of its many forms, but many of us haven’t given a thought to the real possibility of cancer having an impact on our life if it hasn’t already. Oral …

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Sensitive Teeth Aren’t Any Fun

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Sensitivity to cold foods is fairly common. If you’re nervous to take a bite of that ice cream cone, you’re not alone—over half of all Americans suffer from tooth sensitivity. Over sensitivity to warm or cold foods is very often a side effect of dentin hypersensitivity. When the enamel on our teeth is eroded, or when our gums recess, the …

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Tips for a Burned Mouth or Tongue

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It’s happened to the best of us at one time or another: We know that we should probably wait for that hot pizza to cool down before taking a bite, but it just looks so good. Next thing you know – yow! The result is searing pain from a burned tongue, a burned mouth, and sometimes even burned gums. The …

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Coffee and Donuts and Cavities—Oh My!

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You’re sitting at the table, sipping on a delicious cup of coffee, reading the newspaper, and casually nibbling at a glazed donut. Are you also destroying your teeth irrevocably? The short answer is probably not. While you may be bathing your teeth in sugar and acids, hopefully, you aren’t going to be leaving it there all day. Try to brush …